In the Summer of 2006 my sister, mom and I were shopping in Burlington ON.  We came across a lovely collection of bracelets in a store that seemed to speak to each of us in a different way.  We left the store with a spring in our step and three lovely accessories.  While we treated ourselves to gifts, I couldn't help but think how much better we felt as we headed home.  We nourished our minds an our spirits by celebrating each other through conversation and connected gifts. We all need to take this time to reflect and celebrate each other an that is the idea behind A Gift For You. We rarely gift ourselves but a small shiny necklace or that perfect pair of earrings can add the same spring in your step that we felt back in 2006.  

Since that time A Gift For You has been adorning many fashionistas with fashionable accessories at reasonable prices. We carry the Pilgrim, Merx, Caracol and Marzio Fiorini jewellery lines.  Our jewellery has been featured in Canadian Living Magazine and on CH Morning Live.  In 2016 we on the CHCH TV Business Award for Best Jewellery.  We sell exclusively online and at various pop-markets. ( See our Upcoming Show Listings Page)  We look forward to meeting you as we continue our journey to add spring in your step one client at a time.