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Coal and Canary Candles

Coal and Canary Candles are cheeky candles for playful personalities. With their fun and playful names and the most fragrant of aromas it is no wonder why they were featured in both the Grammy and Oscars gift bags.  Coal and Canary is a legendary Canadian company.  They are based in Winnipeg Manitoba.  The candlesare handpoured  come in 8 oz Jars and once finished the jars are reusable and can be used as a cocktail glass, giving you a special Coal and Canary keepsake.  The candles are a blend of soy and vegetable wax.  The wick is wooden so when burning you can hear that ever so wonderful crackling sound.  They have been featured on the Marilyn Denis Show and  Good Morning America and have popped up in magazines all over Canada  and the U.S. including Comsopolitian, Style at Home, West Jet Magazine, Canadian Living, Forbes,  and The Globe and Mail.   Beyonce has one in her house,  Cameron Diaz has one too.  So it's time to get yours from A Gift For You.